2022.04.29 17:53
Sorry that I didn't say anything before I bought the book! It's the first time I have ever tried using a proxy site, so I was really nervous about it and was not sure if it would work.
Looking at your post above, the proxy site didn't require me to make a Booth account, so they probably used a Booth account made by the proxy.
But anyway I am really looking forward to it! And if I order anything from your Booth shop in the future, I will definitely let you know!
Just to let you know, the english word for 買う is causing the "inappropriate character string included" error so it was impossible to write! (I have no idea what is supposed to be bad about that word) w

2022.04.29 11:30
やっと更新できましたね……! どれくらい前から作業してたのかもはやわからない……
そして本買ってくれてたんですか!? ありがとうございます!!

2022.04.28 00:46
Congratulations on the new website layout! It looks really good (both on desktop computer and smartphone)! The gallery and the novel pages look very neat and beautiful and so far I didn't find any dead links or such. Also, thank you for linking back!

And of course, I immediately read the story about Dim and Zenzai's deal...!
So this is why he didn't meet SwiftBlade! w
The interaction between Dim and Zenzai was once again very interesting... Zenzai is really in a difficult position with this 'friendship'. And Dim was so determined and didn't go into the fight without prepapration! Once again, every time there is a feeling of both feeling sorry for Dim but also feeling worried about his creepy stalking...

Meanwhile, looking forward to reading the Mii Fighters Fanbook! Looking at the tracking stats, it will be at least 2 more weeks until it arrives here... But that is actually not such a bad thing. When there is something to look forward to in the future, the happy anticipation becomes part of the enjoyment. w